Kingsway offers plenty of club options for all types of students

With the start of the 2023-2024 school year, Kingsway’s clubs are starting back up again. From Environmental Club to ASL (American Sign Language) Club, Kingsway offers more than enough options for all types of students.

In September, the Activities Carnival was hosted in Kingsway’s South Gym. The carnival gave interested students the opportunity to browse through each club and speak to its members and/or advisors.

Here are some highlights.

Biology Club, or Bio Club, shines a new light on science for those who don’t see typical lectures as their cup of tea. Maggie Reinerth, a senior in Bio Club, explained that the club is all about making science fun through unique experiments regarding topics that aren’t always taught in class.

“We mainly focus on labs because a lot of kids don’t like their science-related classes, so it gives them a chance to be hands-on.” Maggie also revealed that her favorite part of the club is not just the labs, but also the community and friendships formed.

When asked about Bio Club’s founding, Michael Schultz, president, said that it was actually his sister who formed the club. “My sister started the club because there hadn’t been a bio club for years, and she wanted to bring Bio Club to the student body.” Ms. Ross, the advisor, along with all the club members, are working to make this year a good one for Bio Club.

Unified Sports, co-advised by Ms. Kaiser, Ms. Charlton, Mr. Healy, and Ms. DiGiovanni, is another great club for forming a sense of community. Andrew, president, explained that Unified is all about helping a diverse student body achieve a sense of belonging through sports.

“I like the sports and the friendships,” Andrew says, describing his favorite part about leading the club. Andrew joined Unified Sports after being in a Unified P.E. class, which has the same goal in mind: to help everyone have a positive P.E. experience no matter who they are. “I was in Unified gym, and I used to be around people with special needs in my class, and that’s why I enjoy it,” Andrew explained.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA, is another club growing in popularity at Kingsway. FCA isn’t just a club at Kingsway, it’s a large organization with headquarters in several places that Kingsway’s FCA club is just a small part of.

Led by Ms. Meyers and Ms. Fearon, the club aims to give Christian athletes a space to talk to each other and form friendships. Sara Pineda Reyes, a senior who has been in FCA for two years, revealed that her favorite part of being in the club was “definitely the people.”

Kingsway also has many community service-oriented clubs for those who have a passion for helping others. Led by Ms. Diodati, Students in Action, or SIA, gives students the opportunity to help out people in their community, whether that be school-wide or even larger.

SIA is also a particularly active volunteer organization, which makes it perfect for those who are dedicated to helping out. “We’ve worked with Family Promise, Ronald McDonald House, and in the past, we’ve done a candy gram thing for Valentine’s Day. We fill whatever niche is needed at the time,” said Malin Cortright, a senior who has been in the club since her freshman year. Rather than doing the same community service activities or fundraisers, SIA members work to provide service in whatever way they can in the exact moment they are needed.

Each of Kingsway’s clubs not only offer students a chance to gain experience with subjects they are passionate about, they also give students the opportunity to make lasting friendships and form memorable communities with their peers.

By Madison McNally, KRHS Senior

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