Locke Avenue Intersection Now and Then

FROM OPEN FARM FIELDS to an industrial site, the landscape at the intersection of Route 322/Locke Ave./Oak Grove Road is totally changed. The intersection was completely opened in mid-October. The intersection, that was originally a hazardous, angled intersection, has been redesigned and straightened, with turn lanes and a traffic light installed. The picture below was from the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the Water and Sewer facility, held at the intersection in March 2021. Hopes are that the opening of the intersection will decrease the bumper to bumper gridlock traffic that had been happening on Kingsway Highway in the middle of Swedesboro.
— Photos by Karen E. Viereck, Editor/Publisher

3 Responses

  1. Wait till summer. That won’t do shit. 322 should be dual lane hey all the way to the NJTP NOT single lane from wawa on still gonna be a nightmare especially now with all this extra truck traffic.

    1. At least people will be able to safely cross 322 there and not clog up traffic by all the people trying to make left hand turns coming out of Locke Ave. And I agree, it should be 3 lanes all the way through.

      1. As for someone who would always use that intersection for years, I gave up. I hate the way it looks now but I love the ability to use that intersection again.

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