Kingsway’s AP Classes Allow Students to Challenge Themselves

Kingsway Regional High School’s Advanced Placement (AP) classes offer a way for students to experience college-level classes while still in high school. From AP Drawing to AP Psychology, these courses are all designed to provide students who are willing to challenge themselves with an opportunity to grow academically.

An entire AP curriculum revolves around that class’s AP test, which is taken at the end of the school year. Students can choose whether or not they want to take the exam, but it can be very beneficial for college. If a student scores three out of five or higher on any AP test, they will not have to take a year of that course in college.

However, some students have varying opinions on whether or not AP classes are as beneficial as they seem. Jessica Blanda, a senior, recalled, “I take AP classes because that’s where my counselors placed me.”

As a student who has taken AP courses myself, I have had the same experience with some of my AP classes. While my counselors have placed me in some of my AP classes like AP Language and AP Literature, I did get to choose AP drawing. Counselors are often able to recommend AP classes, but students do have the opportunity to decide for themselves.

Although opinions vary on AP classes and their exams, they are designed to prepare students for what learning will be like in a college environment. AP classes are more independent and require that students have the self-discipline to study hard and get extra help when they need it.

My AP classes have all helped me to develop adequate study habits and motivation to succeed in all my other classes. Because they are so independent, these courses resemble the difficulty level of most college classes, and therefore provide a window into what learning outside of high school will be like.

Kingsway offers a wide range of AP classes, including various levels of AP History and AP English, and several types of AP Science courses as well. Each AP test typically consists of multiple choice and essay questions and is scored on a scale of one to six. However, some exams are taken differently, like the AP Drawing exam which is made up of a portfolio that students compile and submit by a certain deadline.

Kingsway also celebrates students who are taking AP classes and students who scored well on their AP exams. In December, an AP breakfast will be held for seniors who have participated in AP classes throughout high school. Kingsway also recognizes AP Scholars who are students that earned a three out of five on their exams.

By Madison McNally, KRHS Senior

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