A Thank You to The Community From St. Peter’s Pantry

CLARKSBORO — On May 28, 2023, St. Peter’s Community Pantry in Clarksboro opened its doors providing food to 15 families. On Dec. 28, just eight months later, St. Peter’s Community Pantry welcomed 100families at their monthly distribution.

This amazing growth, and the ability to provide food to these families, is a direct result of the love and support of the Gloucester County community. Through partnerships with Shop Rite, Wawa and Heritage’s Dairy stores, and connections with community organizations, the shelves are continually refilled.

We are finding support through people of all ages. Both Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops from East Greenwich and the Patruno Futbol Association of Washington Township, hosted food drives in their neighborhoods yielding both can goods and turkeys for Thanksgiving distribution.

The Kingsway High School National Honor Society held a “Trunk or Tree” event in December and delivered more than 850 items to the pantry. The Little Red School House in Mickleton makes a monthly donation to the pantry which enables us to buy milk, eggs, butter and fruits and vegetables.

Individual neighbors, and neighborhoods, have gotten together and routinely bring bag after bag of groceries to our monthly food drives. A food drive at the Shop Rite in Woolwich provided the Pantry with over 2,500 items with some customers providing an entire shopping cart of groceries.

In addition to the food that is provided to the Pantry, we have the honor of working with volunteers of all ages, and walks of life, in supporting our efforts.

These donations, and volunteer efforts have made St. Peter’s Pantry one of the fastest growing and most highly regarded pantries in Gloucester County. None of this would have happened without the intervention of the community and the many individuals that are too extensive to name.

St. Peter’s Community Pantry is grateful to every person and organization that has participated with us in feeding the food insecure in Gloucester County. With more than 8,000 people in our community living with food insecurity, we know that we cannot serve everyone. We will continue to do our best every month to provide an abundance of food to those that need our help.

The Pantry hosts a drive for food donations on the second Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to noon and hosts a distribution to those in need on the fourth Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 304 Kings Highway in Clarksboro.

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