Kingsway’s Second Annual Upperclassmen Winter Gala

On Feb. 9, Kingsway held its second annual Upperclassmen Winter Gala.

The gala’s theme was A Night in Las Vegas. Attendees enjoyed a night of food, dancing, and friends as well as plenty of fun photo opportunities, including a photo booth with props.

Snacks and drinks available included brownies, chicken tenders, french fries, fruit, veggies, iced tea and lemonade. Attendees could enjoy the food in the West cafeteria or take photos with friends in the East cafeteria. Meanwhile, both North and South gyms were open for dancing, each with a DJ.

The gala was planned and decorated for by the Student Council, including a special performance from the 12 Kingsway Live boys. Kingsway Live is an annual competition in which 12 senior boys are voted for by the school to be crowned “King of Kingsway.”

At the gala, the boys performed a short choreographed dance to preview the Kingsway Live competition.

Aside from the gala and the preparation for Kingsway Live, Kingsway also has some exciting events on the horizon, including the Jazz Bistro, the Winter Musical and the Empty Bowls Fundraiser.

The 10th Annual Jazz Bistro, a celebration of Kingsway’s jazz band, will take place on Friday, March 1 in the West Cafeteria. Families and students can come to enjoy food and live music.

Students are also working hard on the Winter Musical, “Bye Bye Birdie.” The show will run from Thursday, March 7 to Saturday, March 9. The show is co-directed by Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Carpenter, and Ms. Barr.

This year, the drama department is also offering a “relaxed performance” of “Bye Bye Birdie” for their Saturday, March 9 matinee at 1 p.m. This performance is designed to accommodate neurodiverse audiences.

Though nothing about the show itself will be changed, additional staff will be on hand and a “Know Before you Go Guide” will be shared prior to the production so that all audience members can feel comfortable.

“Quiet Zones,” noise-cancelling headphones, and opportunities to leave the auditorium at any time will also be provided. Several other accommodations will also be available.

National Art Honor Society’s yearly Empty Bowls Fundraiser is also on the way. Prior to the event, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) members each paint four bowls for the fundraiser.

After obtaining a ticket from an NAHS member, families and guests are invited to enjoy unlimited soup and breadsticks as well as a hand-painted bowl.

By Madison McNally, Kingsway Senior

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