Boro approves zoning change; ask for repainting of crosswalks

SWEDESBORO – At their monthly Council meeting held on Feb. 20, the Swedesboro Council discussed the recent approval to review the Swedesboro Master Plan as requested by the planning board.

The Swedesboro Master Plan which was designed to create a more vibrant and healthier town. When the council adopted this plan of development regulation, revision and amendment, any amendment they make must be sent back to the planning board within 35 days. If approved, they can go ahead and make the desired changes.

They approved to update the zoning map at section 340-7 to reflect the revisions to the R-1 and R-2 zoning districts.  They voted to eliminate the conversions of single-family homes into multi-family homes which is a part of the Swedesboro Master Plan reexamination report.

The Woolwich Fire Company Chief, David Valichka spoke on the annual fire report, in it he stated there were 744 fire incidents last year. As of last month, there have been 65 emergency calls to the fire department, in contrast to the 38 calls made in January 2023. He also spoke on their recent Super Bowl Hoagie Sale, a fundraiser located at the firehouse.

Mayor Thomas Fromm discussed the concern of crosswalks on Kings Highway. He stated it has become a concern because of how faded they are, he is hoping since Kings Highway is a county road, that they will repaint soon.

“This is a safety issue; a lot of people are crossing. I feel stupid that I haven’t noticed it more. We’ve already contacted the county as well.”

He addressed this to be a top priority for the Woolwich Township Police Department, as he believes is taking too long to be fixed.

For over a year, the Council has also examined the demolition of a cold storage building on Locke Avenue. According to Keith Lamb from Public Works, the building has not been destroyed yet due to a six-inch water line that cannot be cut because they have not been able to identify where it comes out. Destroying this building without regard to the existing line could result in damage. They talked about shutting the water off, but doing so would cause businesses to be affected.

Councilwoman Joanna Gahrs spoke on the success of the indoor minigolf event hosted at the Woolwich Township Municipal Court Room, where many kids attended as well as adults. People of all ages played for 15 to 20 minutes, there were refreshments provided. This was the first time the event was held, and it also was profitable.

Councilman George Weeks spoke on the recycling issue going on in town. There has been an overall improvement, but Weeks stated, people were still placing plastic in the wrong cans, and some people have not been throwing the recycling in the bins. He stated that there were plastic cans on the roads, which means some are being neglectful of making sure they throw their trash into the bins.

The Council also voted to ban donation clothing bins. Mayor Fromm stated that they are no longer permitted because of the amount of junk that accumulates near these dumpsters.

Gahrs talked about an event that happened on Feb. 25, 2024, at 3 p.m. on a Black History Month event happening at the First Baptist Church. She stated the event had lots of musical acts, dancers, and much more.

Mayor Thomas Fromm accepted the letter of resignation of the Municipal Clerk, Lois Elder who will be leaving in the next month due to retirement. The Council is actively seeking applications for their next Municipal Clerk.

By Maryela Gallardo

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  1. “The Council also voted to ban donation clothing bins. Mayor Fromm stated that they are no longer permitted because of the amount of junk that accumulates near these dumpsters.”

    Instead of banning the containers, why not just required them to be maintained better? A good example of a well maintained bin is located at the Ferrell Volunteer Fire Co.

    Way to hurt many for the laziness of some 😔

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