Logan discusses infrastructure

LOGAN TOWNSHIP, NJ — The Logan Township Council met on Feb. 6 to deliberate on key initiatives to enhance infrastructure, community welfare, and public safety within the township.

One of the focal points of the meeting was the discussion surrounding Phase 2 of the Logan Township 2022 Road Management Program. This program, designed to manage local road infrastructure, ensures the safety and efficiency of transportation networks throughout the township. The council outlined plans to solicit bids for Phase 2 with bid openings scheduled for March 5.

In addition to road infrastructure enhancements, the council addressed development projects within the township. Approval was granted for the improvement bond estimate pertaining to the construction of building three within the Commodore Business Center project by Three Eagles Nest LLC. Furthermore, the council authorized a partial refund of $2,071.50 for a utility opening permit issued to New Jersey American Water by Logan Township.

The council also took the opportunity to commend public works personnel Steven Fauntleroy and Paul Venable for their dedication and service. Both individuals were promoted within the driver classification of the Logan Township Public Works Department, highlighting the township’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence among its employees.

To address environmental concerns and promote animal welfare, the council approved a contract with the Society to Protect Animals to conduct a census of dogs within the township. An allocation of $7,000 was given for this initiative.

Additionally, the council implemented a resolution to establish an extra duty fee schedule for the Logan Township Police Department. This measure aims to streamline administrative processes and enhance the department’s ability to fulfill its duties effectively.

The meeting concluded with discussions on requests for athletic field usage within the township. While several requests were approved, including those for youth baseball and softball activities, a request for field usage for six youth baseball tournaments by Warriors Baseball was deferred for further review.

By Asiya Robinson

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