$75,000 grant awarded to Woolwich Fire Company

SWEDESBORO, NJ- At the March 18 Swedesboro Council meeting Mayor Tom Fromm announced that the Woolwich Fire Company would receive a $75,000 grant from the American Rescue Plan. The funding from the American Rescue Plan Grant be used to acquire new washers, dryers, and fire equipment.

Additionally, approval was granted for a performance bond to Think Pavers Hardscaping LLC for the 2022 NJDOT Municipal Aid resurfacing project on Leahy Avenue. The Swedesboro Council also renewed a contract with an administrative agent to oversee the administration of affordable units.

Circling back from a previous discussion at the Swedesboro council meeting held on March 8, the Council briefly touched upon the potential establishment of a dispensary in Swedesboro, considering its economic and social implications. Fromm confirmed that meetings have been scheduled to further explore this possibility.

Councilman Dave Flaherty introduced the possibility of the borough participating in the Gloucester County Intern Program, founded in 2016 by the Board of Commissioners and spearheaded by Amy Mulholland. The program aims to facilitate internships for approximately 25 students from local colleges within the realm of local government.

The initiative aims to provide field-specific work experience and learning opportunities. While the internships are unpaid, participants will have their full tuition expenses covered during their engagement with the program.

The Council bid farewell to Lois Elder, recognizing her 14 years of service in Swedesboro. The March 18 council meeting marked her final one as the Borough Clerk. Jena Dolbow has been appointed as the new Borough Clerk. Tracy Dubbs was previously appointed as the new Deputy Borough Clerk.

Councilperson Diane Hale also issued reminders for the upcoming BBQ fundraiser for the Woolwich Fire Company slated for April 20.

by Asiya Robinson

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