Boro approves 80 unit housing development; sells downtown property

SWEDESBORO – On March 13, the Swedesboro Planning/Zoning Board gave final approval for an 80 unit residential housing development to be built on Water Street in Swedesboro by Conifer Realty LLC.

This is affordable housing and according to Swedesboro Mayor Tom Fromm, they are working on setting aside eight units for veterans, to be managed by the People for People organization who manage the Camp Salute Veterans facility in Clayton.

The borough is also selling three lots on Kings Highway which are part of the downtown development project. The lots are being sold to Swedesboro Apartments Urban Renewal, LLC.

Closing on the sale is expected in two months when the developer has all their required permits.

According to Fromm, “We are entering into an Access Agreement that will allow them to start some work needed inside – asbestos removal – in preparation for demolition.”

Fromm also said that equipment is onsite to begin the demolition of the houses at 315 and 319 Second Street that the borough purchased in May 2023. Those lots will be developed as municipal parking.

By Karen E. Viereck, Editor/Publisher

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  1. I live on Water st, how will this affect me? Will this be low income house, like section 8? How are they planning on building this? Will this be an apartment complex? Or will this improve the area? Will houses on this block need to be sold or moved out? How will construction affect us?

    1. According to Mayor Fromm, this is affordable housing as well as units set aside for veterans. Units, I’m assuming, means that it will be complexes like other in the areas here. No construction date has been announced.

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