And the winner is……….

VERONICA CANINO of Logan Township. “This is a Monarch butterfly on a thistle plant at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, DE.

2nd Place: JESSICE CIESIELSKI of Swedesboro. “Our dog Nilla who is a Staffordshire-beagle mix that loves the snow. The picture was from a snowstorm on Jan. 19, and I snapped a picture of her real quick when she stopped running like a maniac all over the yard.”

3rd Place: MATT BROWN of Mt. Royal. “This is a photograph of a day lily taken from my home.”

4th Place Tie: JOSEPH MURRAY of Swedesboro. “This is a photo of a pair of geese just relaxing around a lake.”

4th Place Tie: JOSEPH MURRAY of Swedesboro. “This is a photo of an egret that was taken just as it began to relocate itself from where it was relocating in a lake. My dad and I had gone out to try and photograph some one day and it’s a special photo for me as it was a fun day we had bonding. He had passed away back in June of last year.”

6th Place: JOSEPH MURRAY of Swedesboro. “This is a picture of my girlfriend’s rescued cat, named Willow. She’s rather shy, but very loving and loves to hide in boxes with a toy of hers.”

7th Place: JOSEPH MURRAY of Swedesboro. “This is a photo of a chickadee that was waiting for its turn to take a quick trip to the bird feeder. The trees were blooming around this time as well.”

8th Place: RANDY PRIEST. “On Park Avenue in Swedesboro approaching the entrance to Lake Narraticon Park and Lake Park Cemetery.”

9th Place: APRIL FANSLAU of West Deptford. “While on a trip to Dalton Farms, I caught these little guys being busy.”

10th Place: SAMUAL FRENCH of Swedesboro. “A covered bridge in Lancaster, PA area with an Amish family going through.”

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