Logan designates cash management plan; approves purchase for Bureau of Fire

LOGAN TOWNSHIP — The Logan Township Council held a short monthly council meeting on April 16. The Council approved several resolutions pertaining to how the township will continue to manage their money for this year.

During the meeting, the council voted to approve the purchase of a FLIR K65 Camera Kit for the Township of Logan Bureau of Fire, costing approximately $6,892.46.

“This has been checked out by the fire chief, and he has determined that this is a valuable asset to have in the fire department for the volunteers that go out to fight fires,” said Jackson.

This thermal camera kit is said to be fully compliant with the National Fire Protection Association, allowing firefighters to obtain a better perspective under smoky, dark conditions. Along with the approval of this purchase, the council voted to accept the Junior Firefighter Membership of Xavis Phillips and Arianna Stinger.

As Memorial Day and July 4th approach, with the addition of hotter weather, fireworks are coming back to Logan Township. The council approved a temporary use permit for TNT Fireworks as part of their annual request. The company will set up their tent located at the ACME parking lot on 1619 Center Square Rd from June 17 to July 5.

Jackson opened the meeting to discuss the appointment of Ashley Garozzo, the former acting clerk whose title is now the municipal clerk of Logan Township. Garozzo also obtained the title of the public agency compliance officer for the year 2024.

By Maryela Gallardo

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