Logan approves update to stormwater control ordinance

LOGAN TWP. — During their board meeting on May 21, the Logan Township Council voted to approve updates to be made to their Stormwater Control ordinance. Each county in New Jersey must stay in compliance with the state’s stormwater management plans.

Samantha Boonstra, an engineer and project manager present at the meeting stated, “This is regulated by NJDEP to keep up with compliance for the DEP as typically a lot of counties have to update their stormwater control ordinances to meet their regulations.”

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection gives all municipalities access to a sample of what their ordinance should look like on their website. The goal that the NJDEP hopes to achieve for all municipalities is that they reduce pollution in their local areas caused by stormwater by restoring and maintaining clean water.

The council also voted for the renewal for Comcast to continue to sell, connect, construct, and operate a cable television and communications system in the township. Comcast gets charged an annual fee or franchise right fees that must be paid to Logan Township in order for the company to sell their cable and services.

A motion was also approved by the council to allow the Logan Township’s engineer in charge of the Township Line Park Pickleball and Basketball Courts Improvement plan to prepare several bid specifications to the park.

This means that the engineer would create a list of required improvements for the park before they begin remodeling anything. Currently, the park is a popular location for people of all ages.

In the resolutions section, the council approved the addition of members to their Beautification Committee, Environmental Commission, and a new driver for the Waste Collection Department of Logan Township.

by Maryela Gallardo

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